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Motivschmiede - The World in Pictures


Photos can express more than words - and pictures also don't know lingual barriers.
We offer a great variety of our "digital illustrated books", qualitative image-CD from different cities, landscapes and holiday regions in Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal to foreign people, friends and all fanciers of photography of the respective localities.
Every photo-CD contains up to 1000 images up to 3 or 8 mega pixels.
They show all objects in a personal way with special atmospheres and every now and then from extraordinary points of view - in each case presented with the eye of the photographer, who appreciates the beauty of the respective locality. Including an informative html-menu you can regard the images in folders - or for convenient view of all photos in categories with special slideshows for all windows users.

You can also order the licence to use commercially. Please ask for the conditions – Email: mail@motivschmiede.de or Phone +49 (561) 28 88 025. We speak German, English and (a little bit) Spanish.

Generally: Duplication of our CDs and sale of all kinds of our products are forbidden, as well as to pass on photos for commercial image archives or to use it for commercial an private websites. All rights reserved.

Order pictures:
You have the possibility to order by
online-form (still only in German) or please send us an Email, including the following data:
Your name and complete address incl. Country (delivery address), Number and name(s) of the CD(s)

You can choose between the following:
- Transfer to our bank account (outside the EU high transfer charge!)
- Transfer via Paypal (currency: Euro – account: )
- Cash-payment in a letter (no international transfer charge)

1 CD: 9,99 €
Each more: 8,99 €

Shipping costs:
Within Germany: 2,00 €
Within Europe: 4,00 €
Worldwide: 6,00 €

We will make out a voucher for your documents.
We guarantee immediate and reliable delivery.

Andreas Weber, Tischbeinstr. 75, D-34121 Kassel, Germany

Preview of the pictures

We will soon construct a special section in English. To watch the photos (minimum 25 photos of each CD) you have to use the german section. Please scroll down - you'll find the photos under the text of our preview sites. Back to this site please click on you language button (flag).  


Photo-CDs - royalty free

  • not available anymore

Photo-CDs still under construction